Monday, July 14, 2008

Photo of an open fortune cookieImage via WikipediaI was on the road yesterday and stopped for lunch at an Asian/Fusion restaurant I like. They brought me a fortune cookie for dessert, and while I'm not always in the mood for a fortune cookie, I always read the fortune.

Yesterday's fortune read, "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." A rather pedestrian sentiment, but I kept the fortune because it fit in so well with what I'd been writing that morning. The heroine of my WIP is not attractive in a conventional sense. Even the hero realizes this. He knows the heroine is far less "pretty" than the girl he's supposed to marry, yet he's still attracted to her:

"Maybe it was like beets, he thought. Some people loathed beets, and wouldn't have anything to do with them. He happened to like beets very much. His family, all beet-loathers, never understood it, but there it was."

I don't know if that passage will make it past the first draft, and incidentally, I loathe (shudder) beets, but it seemed to make sense at the time. He sees the beauty in the heroine that everyone else overlooks.

I also realized that this is my second "ugly duckling" heroine. The first one turned out to be a swan (Pirate's Price). This heroine...unlikely. But as long as the hero loves her, she'll be beautiful in his eyes.

And they can eat beets together and live happily ever after.
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Tara Parker said...

I like it! Also, not a fan of the Beet. (g)

Darlene said...

>>the Beet<<

Yeah, but someone out there is eating them 'cause I keep seeing them around! There's no accounting for taste.

I have a son who doesn't like ice cream. I still don't know where that changeling came from.[g]

Tara Parker said...

Very true. (s)

My son hates anything that doesn't look like the first cousin to a fried chicken nugget or fish stick.

I tell him he's crazy, but all he does is scream like a 9-year old girl.

He's weird. (g)

Lynne said...

I like beets! There's a really neat thousands of calories dish you can make that uses beet leaves to roll bit of unbaked bread into. Then bake,
split into little loaves, toss into cream, dill and butter, saute and eat! And eat. First on the dining table, first to be demolished.
Y'all ain't lived, yet! Congrats on pirates darlene!

Darlene said...

You are more than welcome to any an all beets that ever darken my kitchen doorway.[g]