Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Tara asked me to share some of what we discussed at Worldcon. I wish I'd taken notes, but when I'm on the panel and interacting I'm so caught up with what's going on it's hard to keep track.

Here though are some of the things we discussed. Much of it you've heard before, but it bears repeating:

Keep writing. Keep your butt in the chair. Develop disciplined habits. Study the work of successful authors in your field. Keep telling yourself "I did this once, I can do it again." Don't take rejection personally--editors are critiquing your work, not you. Be nice to everyone you meet--they're all potential readers. Do self promotion, but don't get so caught up in it it keeps you from writing. Develop regular writing times.

I learned other authors also suffer from the "2/3 curse" where you're 2/3 of the way through your work in progress and you don't want to do it anymore and you're ready to move on to your next book or story. Don't get sucked into this black hole. Get beyond your 2/3 wall and keep writing.

Like I said, most of this is common sense, but I found it re-charged my batteries to hear some of my problems and concerns echoed by others.
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Tara Parker said...

Thanks for posting this!

Although I'm not even 1/4 of the way through a WIP, it helps to see this reiterated.