Sunday, October 05, 2008

What do you do after you write "The End"?

I like to clean off my desk. It's an attractive antique table, but once I start in on a book, I don't see it again until I finish the manuscript. Here's what my desk looked like during revisions of A Sea Change:

I started the clean up by putting my books away. Some of the reference books hadn't gone back on the shelf in a year, so it was good to say goodbye to them, even if they were only moving a few feet away. I took the opportunity to dust my office bookshelves, even giving Pirate Barbie and Ken a swipe of the duster. You can see them in this shot. Notice that in my universe, Barbie wears the captain's hat:

My desk is a leather topped antique, so I wiped the top down with Neet's Foot oil, giving it a chance to really soak in and rehydrate the

My muse was on hand, sending theta waves of cleanliness and creativity in my direction as she supervised.

Finally, it was done. I polished the wood with pine oil soap, rubbed the Neet's Foot oil into the top and buffed it, cleaned my fountain pens, gave my lucky bamboo a drink so it would continue to be lucky, and wiped down the pirate chest of chocolate coins I take to book signings.

Here's my desk now, cleared for action and ready for me to begin my next historical!

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