Monday, February 02, 2009

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Boskone 46 Schedule

Here, as promised, is my schedule for Boskone 46. The convention is February 13-15 at the Westin Waterfront in Boston. As you can see, it's a full schedule, but that suits me. Especially when it's too cold to go outside and sight see.[g]

My reading on Saturday morning will be from my recently completed manuscript for Sea Change.

Friday 6pm Foreshadowing and How to Do It
Greer Gilman
Alexander Jablokov (M)
Darlene Marshall
Mary A. Turzillo
What works....what doesn't? Besides having mysterious runic poems,
intriguing omens, palsied prophets, or other such fantastic
expository tricks, how can you pre-set the stage for what is coming
next? Is it sometimes better just not to foreshadow? When?

Friday 7pm Myths of Fandom
Astrid Anderson Bear
Edward James
Darlene Marshall (M)
Margaret Organ-Kean
Joe Siclari
Fans are slans. All fans want to become pros. No filkers can sing
well. Fans are anti-religion. Fans accept everyone. Etc. What are
some more such myths (assuming the aforesaid *are* myths, that is!)?
How did these myths come into being -- why does the fannish
community create and foster this mythology anyway?

Saturday10am Reading
Darlene Marshall

Saturday12noon New Publishing/Marketing Technologies
Chris Howard
James Patrick Kelly
Eytan Kollin
Dani Kollin
Darlene Marshall (M)
Shane Tourtellotte
Ebooks. Print-on-demand. Podcasts. What else? A discussion of what
kinds of new technological break-throughs are available to authors
today, their advantages and disadvantages -- and why bother with

Saturday 4pm Books of Love
Nina Harper
Darlene Marshall
Paul Park
Jennifer Pelland (M)
Wen Spencer
Today is Valentine s Day. Would you rather get chocolate, flowers,
or (hint hint) the latest NESFA Press book? (If Loverlips doesn t
get your favorite, is the relationship over?) More generally, what
genre works should one bestow, with hope and trembling, on a new or
prospective sweetheart? Must the content or themes of these stories
be explicitly romantic? In fact, is there a future for romantic
love.....and, if so, what is it?

Sunday 11am Writing the First-Person Point of View
Debra Doyle
Darlene Marshall
Joshua B. Palmatier (M)
Paul G. Tremblay
Ann Tonsor Zeddies
What are the pluses and minuses of writing in the first person?
Sure, you may gain a sense of immediacy, but what might you lose?
How is it done well? Badly?

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Jennifer Pelland said...

Actually, I shan't be moderating Books of Love. I was rather surprised to be on it, and told them that I hadn't the first idea how to moderate it. So I'll still be a panelist, but I think I'll be the token "Life is pain, Valentine's Day is a crock" panelist ;)

Darlene said...

Merciful Heavens, you don't have to agree with a panel's premise to be a moderator! I'm sure you'd do just fine if you think VD is a crock.

Maybe better.[g]