Wednesday, April 01, 2009

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It's April Fools Day! Take time to be foolish!

I think in today's climate of gloom, doom and recession, it's important to take a mental break and be silly. This is the day for it. Read a blog that makes you laugh. Check out Google's home page and what those brilliant ladies are up to at SBTB and Dear Author. Snicker at a LOLCat.

Laughter is good for you. I tried to write an angsty, serious, gloomy book once. It didn't work. I was much happier writing about pirates who made you snicker while they were buckling the swash, and with happy endings all around (except for the villain). If you're not smiling when you turn to the last page of my books, I'm doing it wrong.

Today I'll watch one of the classic screwball comedies I've recorded. Maybe The Lady Eve or Nothing Sacred or Born Yesterday. Something that will make me grin, and feel good at the end. And there's nothing wrong with that.
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