Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm finally getting some substantial writing done after a month mostly absent from the keyboard.  Castaway Dreams is chugging toward its conclusion within a chapter or two, and I'm feeling good about how it's going.  It helps that I have much of the climactic scene and dialogue already written, and I'll be able to drop it into the framework of the story.

Now I have to stop thinking about the next book and stay focused on this one.  It's an occupational hazard that I hear about from other writers.  The work you're doing doesn't feel as exciting as the work you'll do next. But this happens with every novel I've written, so I'm used to it by now and know there's only one cure--finish this book before I start the next one.  Otherwise, I'll have a file drawer full of unfinished manuscripts, which wouldn't help anyone.

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