Monday, April 18, 2011

Greetings from Jerusalem!  It took me a moment to find the settings to change this to English since any Hebrew blogging I'd do would have been very short and likely incoherent.

I'm here on holiday and visiting my son.  Last night I had an amazing experience.  We went to supper at Tmol Shilshom, a bookstore cafe in Nahalat Shiva.  That was lovely, but the amazing part was afterward when we strolled around the streets and my son, who is most definitely his mother's child, ducked into a used bookstore.  He called out, "Ema! (Mom!) come here!"

So I go into the store, looking at all the English language bestsellers along with the Hebrew, French and Russian books there.  He says, "No, come over here.  Now, look at the shelf."

I did, and sitting there amongst the bestsellers were a used copy of Pirate's Price and one of Captain Sinister's Lady.  I confess, I squeed with delight.  The clerk, who spoke English, was thrilled to meet me (No, I'm not making that part up!) and I gave her my bookmark with the ISBN's for my other books.  I'm planning on going back during the week with a camera to get photographic evidence.  Now I can put on my resume I lectured at Harvard and my books are enjoyed by readers around the world--and I've got the proof!

I don't know if our next hotel will have free wifi, so if I don't blog again until I return to the US, I hope everyone has a lovely spring holiday (or autumn festival for my friends Down Under).

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JaniceG said...

How cool is that!!!!!!! Nice to know that well-written pirate porn is enjoyed the world over, especially yours :->

Chag sameach!