Monday, July 18, 2011

As I mentioned, I'm at the beach while my husband attends his annual state conference.  Poor guy, he's tied up in sessions all day while I get to do my work while looking out over a stormy Atlantic.  I took one of the resort bikes today for a ride south along A1A.  It was invigorating to be back on a bike, and when the rain blew in suddenly it was refreshing as well as invigorating.  If it clears up this afternoon I may go for a dip in the ocean.

In the meantime, I'm aware the summer is winding down and I need to be hard at work on my next novel, so I'm hoping that this jaunt away from my normal distractions may stimulate some quality writing.  It's worked in the past, and I'm going to put some real effort into it.

So later, gators.  Hope your summer is going equally well.

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