Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PBS and The War of 1812

Just finished watching PBS' War of 1812.  I thought it would be a mini-series, but it was just the one episode.  After all, it was a short war.  Nonetheless, they packed a whole war into that episode.  Since I've always concentrated on the naval battles and what was happening in Florida, it was nice to learn more about what was happening along the Canadian border.

Oh, and for my Canadian friends?  I now know Laura Secord is not famous for bringing chocolate to the wilderness.  My mistake.  Hey, go easy on me! I still know more Canadian history than 98% of my countrymen!

There was passing mention of the Baltimore privateers, but really, you can get a lot more background on them by reading Sea Change (and I wish you would).  There is discussion of how The Star Spangled Banner rallied Americans, and that too is a plot point in Sea Change.

While the program itself isn't long, there are some lovely links at PBS.Org to give you more information on some of the issues mentioned in the War of 1812 documentary.  I'm enjoying the additional information, and I'm glad my PBS contributions help support quality and informative programs like this one.

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