Friday, December 30, 2011

2011--A Good Year

It's interesting how much of what one perceives about whether a year is "good" or "bad" depends on one's personal circumstances, but that's only normal.

2011 was a good year for me, but I'll look globally as well.  In 2011 we saw dictators toppled and baby-steps toward democracy in the Middle East.  Young people and old channeled outrage at the status quo and began Occupying various cities.  If nothing else, it raised the level of dialog over the current state of the economy, which I find to be a civic virtue.  People need to become active and motivated to make change, whether it's at the ballot box or on the barricades.

Most of the troops are home from Iraq after a long, drawn out conflict. This is a very good thing indeed.

It was a good year for me personally and professionally.  Sea Change was published to glowing reviews and some delightful fan letters.  My backlist continues to do well.  This was the year that I saw huge growth in ebook sales of my novels as more and more readers discover the ease and convenience of various ereaders (just a reminder--all my books come in a variety of formats, including Kindle).  I have a completed manuscript for my next novel,  Castaway Dreams, and I'm hard at work on my seventh novel, [working title] The Hot Pirate's Secret Baby (and yes, I can pretty much assure you that will not be the publication title, but it's fun saying it.). In addition, Sea Change is a 2011 CAPA nominee for historical romance.

I was a program participant at Boskone, a regional SF convention in Boston, and will be there again this year,  I was also a program participant at the World SF Convention (Worldcon) in Reno, Nevada, and plan to attend Worldcon in Chicago (Chicon 7) and DSC (Deep South Con) this summer.

It was also a good year personally.  We're enjoying fine health, my husband is golfing more and getting out of the office, we took some wonderful trips, and my adult sons are living close enough to each other to spend time together.  One son got his master's degree from Harvard (I cannot say that often enough) and a great job, the other son received a fellowship to do a year of seminary study and is enjoying that.

My dachshund is hanging in there at 13 years, still rockin' the neighborhood on walkies.

No hurricanes attacked us.  My camellias are blooming.  Life is good.

Here's wishing you and yours all the best in 2012.  May this coming year bring you much contentment, and great reading pleasure with a pirate novel or two.

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