Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

            “Do you not want to cut a dash in society?  Never mind, I do not know why I even bother.  If I said I needed a new hat you would say ‘You only have one head, why do you need more than one hat?’”
            “I am perfectly willing to acknowledge you need a warm hat for winter wear and a straw hat for summer.  Miss Farnham, this conversation is nonsense.  I do not need to change my ways to catch a wife.  I have money saved, and all of my limbs, and my teeth.  I am a man of abstemious habits.  I cannot imagine how having a waistcoat of daffodil satin would make a bit of difference in my prospects.”
            Daphne perked up. 
            “Now you are putting your brain to work, Dr. Murray!”  She pointed her finger at him. “With your coloring daffodil satin would be a handsome choice.  Not for a coat though, that would be a bit much.  As you say, for a waistcoat.  Really, Doctor, I had no idea you were taking fashion so seriously.”
            “I am not taking this seriously, for a very good reason.  That statement about my wearing something as ridiculous as daffodil satin was meant to illustrate why this conversation is waste of time.  I have no intention of drawing attention to myself that way.
            “All I need is someone who can tend house, cook a meal, will not frighten the horses with her looks, and who will care for her children.  The more I think about it, the more I agree with you that I could use a wife, Miss Farnham.  If I had a wife, I would not need to pay for a housekeeper or a cook, an economy I approve of.”
--Castaway Dreams, coming in May, 2012

Ah, Valentine's Day!  A day to celebrate love in all its forms.  Whether the love you get is from your human companion or wet doggy kisses from your furry best friend or your cat politely ignoring you until suppertime, I hope your day of love's celebration is everything you want it to be.  Those of us in the business know that Happily Ever After takes a lot of hard work and commitment, and it never hurts to take a moment to say, "I love you."

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