Friday, February 03, 2012

Herding sheep

He sighed, but trooped off and Daphne and Pompom followed. At the rocks Daphne put Pompom in the shade with a command to “Stay!” Dr. Murray was impressed when the dog obeyed her.

“Pompom is the world’s cleverest puppy, Dr. Murray.”

“I would not go that far, Miss Farnham. I daresay you never saw a collie herding sheep.”

“Pompom could herd sheep if he wanted to,” she said loyally.

He turned and cocked an eyebrow at her.

“Maybe one small sheep.” She paused. “Why is there one sheep and two sheep? Why aren’t there flocks of sheeps?”

“I will not be able to sleep tonight for pondering that question, Miss Farnham.”
--Castaway Dreams, WIP

I was tickled today to see a link to a video from Sweden of a rabbit that herds sheep.  If a little bunny can herd sheep (and why aren't they sheeps?) then clearly Daphne's darling bichon could do it.  Here's the link to the herding bunny: 

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