Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cover Art!

Here's the cover for Castaway Dreams, my May release:

The publisher has me fill out an AP (art proposal) where I give information about the book, such as a description of the hero and heroine, setting, time period, tone, etc.  I did say my hero, Alexander Murray, is a dour surgeon who never smiles, isn't pretty, and looks scruffy (yet yummy) after being castaway on a desert island.

Alexander's outlook is 1. Life is serious business 2. Now that the war with Napoleon is over, it would be convenient to have a wife who's frugal and whose looks won't scare the horses.

So naturally, who's stranded on the desert island with him? Daphne Farnham, a dizzy blonde fashionista who believes the key to solving most of life's problems is having the proper accessories.  Oh, and she brought along her little doggy just to make his life more aggravating.

I also said on the form how much I liked the cover to Sea Change and the artist stuck with the same motif.  I've got no complaints.  This grumpy guy's beginning to grow on me, just as Alexander did.  However, his very serious frowny face also reminded me of this classic:

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