Monday, May 07, 2012

Mother's Day is coming

I know you're thinking of getting your mom that diamond tiara she deserves for putting up with so much of your crap when you were a teenager. Or perhaps I'm just projecting here. Anyway, if you're not yet prepared to get her that tiara, have you considered getting mom an ereader?  Everyone I know who has one loves the convenience and ease of purchasing books, and for older readers it has the added advantage of an adjustable font.

When you get mom that ereader, you might preload it with some award winning romance novels featuring pirates, privateers and smugglers, not to mention a possum or two. Lest you think your mother's too old to appreciate a hot historical romance, my oldest fan (that I know of) is 96, and is eagerly awaiting my next novel, Castaway Dreams.  Mom's cooler than you think, and she loves a good novel as much as you do.


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