Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pucker up!

"Miss Farnham, you are the heroine of the day."
"I am?"
"Do not sound so surprised. The items you packed are wonderfully useful. For example, that lip salve. You can put it on your lips, your nose, your cheekbones and your chin. It will help keep those areas that are most vulnerable to sunlight from being badly burned. And your hat may not be fashionable enough for Mayfair, but it will keep you from sunstroke. Put it on now, please."
She did, asking him to hold her mirror while she concentrated on tying her ribbons. Then she followed his instructions, putting rose-tinted salve on her face, though the end result left her in giggles.
"I look like a red Indian from America, Doctor!"
--Castaway Dreams

It's National Lipstick Day! (Who knew?) Women have been darkening their lips since ancient times to achieve a look of freshness and youth, and stimulate thoughts of mating in males (yeah, as if they needed it).

Do you have a "daily" shade, the go-to lipstick you keep in your purse? What I wear depends on time of day, mood and clothing choices, but my current pick for summer is Jane Iredale's CJ, a warm coral tint.

Do you have an everyday lipstick, the one that's your "default" setting for lipcolor? And don't forget, be sure your lip color includes SPF or you use a primer first! Lips burn easily. Dr. Murray knew that.

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