Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On the road again

Summertime is conference time, and I'm currently on the road with the husband. One of the best things about being a 21st C. author is the portabillity of my work. If I have a laptop and an internet connection, I'm good to go. Heck, in a pinch I can write with pen and paper, and have!

One thing I enjoy about our summer conference circuit is how being out of my usual space seems to kick my muse in the butt. A new locale, new scenery, that can churn creativity. 

For example, this lovely photo in the link was the view from where I'm sitting at the Boca Beach Resort in Bocal Raton, Florida. Being surrounded by historic Florida architecture from the early 20th C. inspires me. I love thinking about the parties these walls have witnessed, weddings and celebrations, and no doubt some love affairs too. 

I did get some solid writing done this morning, so being taken out of my comfort zone was a good plan. More to follow tomorrow!

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