Monday, September 07, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

...under Cicero’s direction, he carried pots of porridge to the mess, followed by steaming coffee. There wasn’t much conversation as the men hurried through their meal to get to their tasks, and he returned to the galley to gulp down his own breakfast while Cicero readied a tray for him.
“Take this to the captain’s cabin, smartly now!”
The captain had mostly the same as the men, save for the addition of fine china and silver rather than tin plates and cups. There was a pot of coffee, porridge with a small dish of honey, and cheese from the ship’s goat.
He stood in front of the door, trying to figure out how to knock and balance the tray while the deck rolled beneath his feet. Fortunately, the door opened and Mr. Turnbull looked down at him, then raised an eyebrow.
“Your new cabin boy is here.”
“I am not the cabin boy,” Oliver said, setting the tray on the table in the captain’s cabin. “I’m the cook’s assistant. Good morning, Captain, Mr. Turnbull.”
St. Armand was dressed, but didn’t look fully awake, and nearly snatched the cup of coffee from Oliver’s hand.
“You’re the cabin boy if I say you’re the cabin boy. What’s worse, you’re cheerful in the morning. I may have to keelhaul you if you keep that up.”
--from WIP [working title] What the Parrot Saw

Here's a salute to the hard working women and men in the United States who get to celebrate a day honoring their contributions to society as workers, cooks, wait staff, carpenters and more. When you're resting from your labors, enjoy curling up with a good book and enjoy your day.

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