Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Review--Jeweled Fire (Elemental Blessings #3)

Jeweled Fire (Elemental Blessings, #3)Jeweled Fire by Sharon Shinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another entry in the Elementals series, this time featuring a heroine who's not a Prime, one of the select few who can control the elements. I liked that. Corene is "sweela", fire-oriented, and her red hair is a giveaway as to her temperament, but she's not super-powerful like the primes.

She's also a princess, but one who's been raised in a family full of secrets and deceit, which prepares her for the foreign court where she's thrown herself into the pool of candidates to be the bride of the heir to the throne.

I liked this book because of its strong female characters, the friendships among the princesses who are not rivals so much as allies, the quiet, capable hero and the court intrigue. It will please Shinn fans, and it's a lovely addition to a series with elaborate and enjoyable theological world-building.

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