Monday, March 07, 2016

Finding a forever home

I'll be honest. I didn't want a rescue dog. Our beloved Yofi, who passed away in 2014, came to us from a family breeder. We could meet the mama and papa doxies, see the littermates, observe her at play. We knew she came from good stock. With a rescue, I'd be taking a chance.

However, I felt an obligation to at least check it out. So a year after Yofi's passing I submitted an application to Florida Dachshund Rescue. I was immediately impressed by their rigorous vetting process for new doxie owners. We had to have references, a home visit, and answer questions about dachshund care and ownership. This was a far more comprehensive process than I'd have received from some breeders. I could be specific in what I was looking for: smoothcoat, under 15 lbs. grown, female, all doxie.

After our application was processed I was put on a waiting list, and I knew it could be a while before I found my match. Sadly, older, sick dogs all too often end up at rescue organizations. Puppies, not so much.

Then a friend told me about a local organization, Doxie Tales Rescue. I went through the whole process again--application, references, site visit. As it happened, there was a litter of pups needing forever homes, and I immediately submitted a request.

Today we picked up Dodi from her foster parents. She was exactly what I was looking for, and I had the added satisfaction of helping a rescue agency find a home for a pup. I can already tell Dodi is smart, loving and curious, all good qualities. I look forward to many afternoons of walkies (good for both of us!) and some quiet times when my muse will sleep in my office while I write.

Of course, until that happens we have house training and other fun times. Good thing I can take my laptop out into the kitchen and the porch, where we are now. Dodi's sound asleep after a busy morning coming home, checking our her new back yard, and being fitted for a harness and leash. Whew!

You'll be hearing more about her as time goes on, but I want to again give kudos to the rescue organizations, and especially the foster families who keep these darlings until they find their forever homes. Y'all are amazing people, and I'm very glad I went the rescue route.

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