Tuesday, August 30, 2016

This Writing Life

It was a strange morning. Now that I've got  three books in my backlist available again (Captain Sinister's Lady, The Bride and the Buccaneer, Smuggler's Bride) and I have What the Parrot Saw under consideration by TPTB, I started work on Unnamed Book #9. Kind of like the unnamed Tropical Depression #9, but my book won't be called "Ian" or "Hermine".

Anyway, I started to jot notes on the as yet unnamed hero and heroine for Book #9. Spent a good hour working on personality traits, location notes, what the MacGuffin is, etc. Then the diva dachshund disturbed me with her tennis ball. One must obey the doxie directives, so I got up to toss the ball a few times and (ha!) wear her out.

After about the fourth squeaky ball event, I found myself thinking about a totally different novel. One I'd thought about a few years ago. One that linked to my other Regency Pirate books (The Pirate's Secret Baby, Castaway Dreams, etc.) Suddenly, I knew what I needed to do. That was the book I needed to write. Scenes started popping into my head, I abandoned the puppy (fortunately, she decided to chase squirrels in the yard so it worked out) and sat down to spend the rest of the morning jotting notes. I also rearranged a book shelf to have easier access to the books I'll need as resources.

And that's how the writer's journey sometimes goes. You think you know where you're headed, but suddenly you see an interesting side road and say, "Hmmmm....I wonder what's down there?" and you're off and running.

As always, more on this as it develops!

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