Sunday, June 11, 2017

Review--Moses: A Human Life

Moses: A Human LifeMoses: A Human Life by Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg
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Another deep and thoughtful book from Dr Gottlieb Zornberg that will have you dwelling on the subject long after you close the cover. I read the book over the course of months, because there was so much to absorb and think about that I couldn't do it in one or two sittings. I was especially impressed by the author's writing on the role of women in Moses' life, from before he's born until late into the wanderings in the wilderness. It's said in Judaism that the Exodus from Egypt came about because of the women who took action, and Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg brings that to life in her book.

Highly recommended for a serious reading of the life of the man most revered in Judaism.

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