Sunday, June 25, 2006

From Mrs. Giggles, an 80 for Captain Sinister's Lady:

Captain Sinister's Lady
by Darlene Marshall, historical (2006)
Amber Quill, $5.25, ISBN 1-59279-500-5

"...I really like Amanda as a heroine. She wins me over from the first page when it's clear that she has a workable plan when she sets out to America. She's a refreshing change from those stupid nitwits that board a ship after they spent the last of their money on the fare only to wander around like witless fools on a distant shore with no plan and no money. For a long time, she keeps her wits around her and acts like an intelligent, sensible heroine. Morgan can be high-handed at times but his bluster hides the fact that he is socially inept when it comes to women that he wants to woo and marry. He's an adorable mix of the arrogant alpha-male and the mushy beta-hero."

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