Monday, June 12, 2006

Hunkerin' down

Only 12 days into the hurricane season, and Alberto comes calling. We're right in its path, though we're 60 miles inland. I know from hurricanes Frances and Irene that doesn't necessarily mean much. You can still have tornadoes, backed-up sewers, flooding and wind damage. So, we did our hurricane prep just as we're supposed to. I've got plenty of batteries, water, a full tank of gas in my car and on my gas grill, a freezer full of ice, canned food, a camp stove, lamps and lanterns.

My biggest concern is that one of the trees I love so much will crash into the house. Otherwise, I'm prepared for just about anything else, and we'll ride this one out.

More on the storm later...

1 comment:

Sara Walker Howe said...

I'll keep you (and house and tree) in my thoughts!

Best wishes!