Friday, June 16, 2006

Last night was the annual Bar Association dinner and we were there, not only 'cause my dear husband's on the local Bar's board, but because these events are entertaining. Really. I love hanging out with attorneys. They have great stories and most of them are smart and fun to be with.

I gave away a signed copy of Captain Sinister's Lady as a door prize, and much to my delight, the winner was a judge who's also a sailor! I personalized it for him, and made him promise to let me know how he liked it. He, in turn, invited me out for a sail and said anytime I needed info on sailing I could call him. So since I had him right there for research, I posed a question that's been going back and forth at a couple sites I frequent:

"The opening into a cabin, is it a hatch or a door?"
"Abovedecks or below?"
"It's a door. A hatch goes into the deck or is an entrance to a hold."
"Aaaargh!" I said. "I didn't have any money riding on it, but I'd heard both were appropriate. See? I'm already taking advantage of your offer to help with research, Your Honor."

I do want to take him up on his offer of sailing, and I said I'd call on him when I needed information on time involved to sail up and down the coast, an issue in my WIP.

Next week we're off the state Bar convention, and for me, a pilgrimage to the Levenger's mothership. I just know when I walk in I'll find oodles of writing tools I didn't know I needed until that moment.

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