Saturday, June 24, 2006

Raiding the Baltics!

I got an email from my agent the other day letting me know he'd sold my books to a publisher in Estonia.

They want hot pirate romance in Estonia! Who knew?

OK, my agent knew. That's why he pulls down his paycheck. Anyway, I'm looking forward to breaking into a new market. It makes sense that Estonians want romance novels. Those long nights in winter give you a lot of reading time. And I'm looking forward to styling myself "Amastama Jumalanna", which a friend assures me is Estonian for "Love Goddess."

Knowing her, it more likely means "She Who Steps in Dog Doo". If any of you out there speak Estonian and can verify the meaning of "Amastama Jumalanna", I'd be grateful.

UPDATE 7/3--I heard back from an Estonian, and he says "Love Goddess" is "Armastusjumalanna". From now on I expect to be addressed with respect, people!

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