Friday, October 06, 2006

Dog, 1, Armadillo, 0

The dachshund of doom took on an armadillo last night. Around 11 p.m. I heard frantic, high pitched growling and barking from the back yard and ran out there. Sure enough, the 13 lb. dog had grabbed an amadillo by the tail and was holding on for dear life. The armadillo looked resigned, but then, that may be its normal expression.

While I was trying to separate Yofi from her prey with a broom (I'm no dummy--dogs bite and armadillos scratch), I was reminded that dachshunds are serious hunting dogs. Really. They're called "badger hounds" for a reason. Her front haunches were bulging with muscle and force as she dug herself in, not letting that evil critter escape.

I finally got them separated and kept Yofi at bay with the broom until the 'dillo could hightail it under the gate. Then I wrapped the shaking dog in a towel and carried her inside. There was blood in her mouth, but I think it wasn't hers, and some nasty but not deep scratches on her chest. I cleaned her up, she drank two bowlfuls of water, and promptly threw up all over the place.

Would someone please explain to me why, when my house is full of tile and hardwood, the dog makes a beeline for the Oriental runner in the hall to barf?

Anyway, we dealt with that, and while I kept an eye on her for the rest of the night, she seemed OK. I called the vet's this morning, and they said unless she's doing anything bizarre she probably didn't get hurt. She is clearly exhausted--hasn't even made a twitch towards wanting to go for her walk.

My brave little hunter. Armadillos beware! By brightest day, by darkest night, your evil shall not escape her light!

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