Friday, January 19, 2007

Boskone 44

Once again I'm off to Boston in February (brrrrr!) for Boskone 44. The (M) means I'm moderating that program item. I feel especially prepared for that last item because earlier in the week I'm doing a talk to the University Women's Club on women pirates titled "Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go to Sea".

Here's my schedule:

Fri 9:00pm
Boskone in Death: J. D. Robb 2007

(M) Janice Gelb
Darlene Marshall
Priscilla Olson

Sat 12:00 noon
The Business Side of Writing
Our experienced panel is all business as they discuss topics such as
how to get, grok, and get along with agents and publishers; why
keeping good records prevents bad karma; whether you can deduct
Boskone from your taxes; and what to do after submitting your latest
story. (Hint: start your next one.)

Jeffrey A. Carver
Gay Haldeman
(M) Sharon Lee
Darlene Marshall

Sat 2:00pm
Keeping Your Day Job: How to Sustain Creativity When Writing Is Your Second
If you write for work, does it stifle your writing for art? Can
characters and conflicts on the job give you any ideas? What other
tricks keep your battery charged? Is a regular schedule helpful or
hopeless? Is killing off your boss (on paper) kosher?

(M) Darlene Marshall
Karl Schroeder
Susan Shwartz

Sat 4:00pm
A Sea of Words: Naval Fiction both Historical and Fantasitc
Sea stories are very popular amongst SF fans -- both historical
fiction by writers like Forester and O'Brian and SF and fantasy works
by writers like Weber and Novik. Why do sea and space voyaging tales
get into our blood? Are we not so much SF fans as exploration/close-
knit-hierarchy/cool-complicated-tech-and-talk fans? How is a frigate
different from a generation ship? Who are our Foresters? Our
Naomi Novick has added dragons to the age of fighting sail; what
exciting trope can we send to sea next: Furries? Robots? Vampires?
('Ware Captain Blood!)

Michael F. Flynn
Jim Mann
(M) Darlene Marshall
Susan Shwartz

Sat 5:00pm 0.5 hours
Darlene Marshall

Sun 10:00am
Pirates in Petticoats: Women Pirates in Fact and Fiction

Darlene Marshall
Jane Yolen


Erin O'Brien said...

I want to be a Girl Pirate. Cool.

Sounds like some itinerary. Good luck.

Darlene Marshall said...

I'm doing a talk a couple days before the con titled "Women Pirates--Good Girls Go to Heaven, but Bad Girls Go To Sea" so I'll have plenty of material to draw on.