Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fun with Translations

Amazon.de now has the German edition of Captain Sinister's Lady available for pre-order. It has a September, 2007 release date! And it has a lovely cover!! And it has cover quotes by NYT Bestselling author Diana Gabaldon!!!

I hopped over to Babelfish to see if I could get a translation of the page and read all about it. What I've got is a title that translates as "Including and Swords", which I'm fairly sure isn't correct, and indeed, my translator just told me that Samt und Säbel translates as "Velvet and Sabers", which I like. And she's right, in German it's quite euphonious.

Babelfish also says this is the translation from the Amazon.de site:

"Darlene Mars-resound kidnaps the reader to an exciting adventure on high lake: Before the background of a romantic pirate window blind in the Karibik are the most different shapes: a Pirat against will, a young widow at the threshold to a new life, bandit and a robber. A episches adventure of full love and passion. "

OK, that all sounds good to me. I'm all for kidnapping the reader, romance, pirates and robbers with lots of love and passion. And Diana's quotes are good too. This one translated the best:

"Sexy, charmingly and full ESPRIT!"
Diana Gabaldon

But in the meantime I'm basking in the delight of having my pirate romance winging its way to Germany this autumn.

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L said...

Uh, well. o_O

Babelfish does Douglas Adams no good. =(

But yay for German releases!