Monday, January 19, 2009

Today was a good writing day for Castaway Dreams. I thought I'd be writing the shipwreck scene, but I'm not quite there yet. Here's a snippet of today's effort:

“There. Your task until suppertime, Miss Farnham, is to go through your wardrobe and find those garments that are most practical. Look for items that can be fastened with a minimum of effort on both our parts!”
“Oh dear. I imagine this means I will not be dressing for supper.”
“If it involves me, no, you will not. Stay in your clothes, Miss Farnham until I return to undress you.”
His words hung in the air between them, and Alexander felt heat rise up his neck.
“Certainly, Doctor Murray,” Miss Farnham said, her face as bland as blanc-mange.

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