Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My Boskone 48 Schedule, Part Deux:
Here's the updated schedule with program item descriptions and moderators:

Saturday 12noon Southern Vampire Mystery Woman -- The Charlaine Harris Interview
Charlaine Harris
Darlene Marshall

She's the prize-winning, internationally best-selling author of almost thirty mystery novels. What's she doing at a science fiction convention? We suspect it starts with the day Charlaine Harris asked herself, "What kind of person would date a vampire?" and kept thinking until she had created Sookie Stackhouse. But we've got
plenty of other questions about the resulting Southern Vampire Mystery series (running on TV as the acclaimed /True Blood/ HBO series) -- as well as about her Harper Connelly "grave reader"
books, her 20-plus-years-in-the-making overnight success, and how she manages to write like the hilariously dark daughter of Anne Rice and Connie Willis.

Saturday 3:30pm Reading: Darlene Marshall (0.5 hrs)
Darlene Marshall

Sunday 10am The Spirit of the Place
Laird Barron
Charlaine Harris
Alexander Jablokov
Darlene Marshall (M)
Margaret Ronald
When scenery is so much a part of the fabric of the story that it almost becomes a character. Stories set in localized areas. What does it add to have such intimate settings?

Sunday 12noon Cads, Bounders, Seducers, and Other Ladykillers
Beth Bernobich (M)
Katherine Crighton
Darlene Marshall
Joshua B. Palmatier
 Good guys are boring! (But is there any other kind in SF? Richard Seaton would wipe out a solar system rather than deliberately hurt a lady's heart.) Cads start out looking like Mr. Right, but end up
doing you wrong. From Dominic Flandry to Jason Stackhouse or Ivan Vorpatril, these rakes are often written to charm the reader as well as the heroine. Are they just a holdover from cheap pulp fiction? Could they exist in any future society with gender equality? If they're still fun to read about, why?

Sunday 1pm SF & HF -- Why Science Fiction and Historical Fiction Are the Same (Nearly)
Debra Doyle
Michael F. Flynn
Walter H. Hunt
Darlene Marshall
Jo Walton (M)
As next year's Boskone GoH, John Scalzi has stated the proposition, "It's just a question of whether you're reimagining the past or extrapolating the future." Let's identify some examples of both
genres that illuminate the point. Do they use the same speculative fiction writing muscles? Which form takes more research? How many SF fans also dig HF? Why?

As always, it sounds like a lively and interesting program whether you're on the program or in the audience. I look forward to seeing many of you there!

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