Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can I walk and think at the same time?

I take a daily walk, four miles, 5-6 times a week weather permitting.  This is Florida, after all, and one should take advantage of that.  I don't wear any electronics while walking because this is valuable thinking time for me, and I often get plot breakthroughs while on the daily constitutional.  In fact, today I tried to psych myself into coming up with some plot points for my WIP, [working title] The Hot Pirate's Secret Baby.  So here's what I thought about on today's walk.  Imagine you're inside my head:

1. I need to remind people to vote for Sea Change tomorrow 'cause it's the last day of the JABBIC Reader's Poll.
2. Hey, there's Steve the mail carrier.  I wonder if he dropped off some neat catalogs?
3. I should eat some yogurt after the walk, while my metabolism is stoked.  I can get more protein with Greek yogurt. It's unflavored and tastes like sour cream, which I love, but...I know, I'll sprinkle some of Dawn's homemade granola on top!
4. Drink a glass of water as soon as I get home.
5. Squirrel!
6. Did I give the dachshund her flea treatment?
7. Dang!  I need to tweak a detail in Castaway Dreams. Thought I was finished with that for now.
8. I'd like to re-cast the movie A New Leaf.  Instead of Elaine May and Walter Matthau, I'd cast Emma Stone and Matt Bomer.
9. That's an interesting color they're painting that house...
10. Drink more water
11. Jogger gets a 7.  I miss the Army captain who used to jog past my house.  He was definitely a 10.
12. So when I get my H&H to England in Secret Baby how does he keep her from--Squirrel!
13. Whew!  It's warmer out here than I expected.

....and back home.

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