Thursday, January 05, 2012

Cleaning up a manuscript

My readthrough of Castaway Dreams is going well, but it always worries me when I'm satisfied with my writing.  I changed the font for this pass to catch any stray typos and it's amazing what a difference that makes. In fact, I once read that changing the font to Comic Sans is best for this task.  I tried that, but it was too annoying and I switched to Arial instead (I write in Times Roman).

I also pared down a few sentences, and tweaked a couple scenes.  Setting a manuscript aside for a few weeks, or a few months, helps bring a fresh perspective to it.

Another writer posted a picture of an unshaven, scruffy looking Colin Firth and I saved it to my "Castaway Dreams" file.  When I fill out the artist information form for the cover, I think I'll say "This is what my hero, Alexander Murray, looks like."  At least, that's how he looks in my mind.

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