Friday, April 20, 2012

"In what order should I read your books?"

I get asked this a lot.  While I try to write my books as stand-alone novels, I can recommend reading them in a particular order. The good news is, it's usually just a two-book link, so you don't miss anything by not reading all of them (though of course, I hope you will).

With the upcoming release of Castaway Dreams, I thought I'd update the list:

Sea Change -> Castaway Dreams (summer, 2012)
The Bride and the Buccaneer -> Captain Sinister's Lady
Pirate's Price -> Smuggler's Bride

All of them are available from the usual suspects, including BN.Com, Fictionwise, Amazon and directly from the publisher, Amber Quill Press. Stay tuned, because Amber Quill will soon be rolling out a new website that will make purchases easier and more fun for their readers!

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