Sunday, January 06, 2013

Fans and Friends are Everywhere!

I received a review of Pirate's Price from Japan today, and I almost broke out into my happy dance that scares the dog. Every time I receive a note or a review from a reader outside of the United States, it makes me glad again that I live and write in the 21st Century where my books can be accessed by readers all over the world. I was especially touched that this reader hunted down a paperback copy of Pirate's Price, because she wanted to read it based on another review.

I've heard from fans in the UK, Ireland, Australia, France, Canada, Brasil, Estonia, Germany, with US troops overseas (those notes are extra special), and from Israel. The picture you see here is me holding two of my books that I found in a used bookstore in Jerusalem.

If you're one of my readers outside of North America, please drop me a note at darlenemarshall [at] darlenemarshall [dot] com. It truly brightens my day to hear from any of my readers, but knowing my books are going around the world makes me feel like I'm indulging in a bit of travel myself.

Thank you again for all of your support!

For some reason there's a glitch at Amazon (we're discussing it) where the Kindle edition of Pirate's Price isn't showing up at my author page, but it's there. Here's a link, and if you go to the Kindle Store and type in "Pirate's Price", it shows  right up. It's also at AllRomance Ebooks and the Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble ebook stores.

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