Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Julia sniffed. “I am impressed you can recite poetry, Washburn.
Rather like a counting pig at the fair. One watches in amazement,
wondering how an animal can do that.”
“Oh, now that hurts, darlin’! I can say pretty things, too!”
He crossed to where she stood beside the bed, and took her hand in
his. His touch was warm, and she gave an involuntary shiver that had
nothing to do with the night air.
He stroked the ball of her hand with his thumb, soothing over the
nicks and calluses raised by the chores of daily farm work. He took his
other hand and lifted her chin, looking deep into her eyes.
“Y’know how when you whack the woodpile, and all them big ol’
palmetto bugs come scamperin’ out? Your eyes are just as brown and
shiny as a palmetto bug runnin’ in the sunlight, darlin’.”
--Smuggler's Bride

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day with your special sweetie is filled with love, chocolate, and no palmetto bugs*.

This is the cover of the German edition of Smuggler's Bride. Nothing quite says "Hot lovin' on the Florida frontier!" like a killer pink flamingo looming in the background. I adore this cover.
*Palmetto bugs are giant, flying cockroaches. Google them at your own risk.

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