Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review--Lucy the Wonder Weenie

Lucy The Wonder WeenieLucy The Wonder Weenie by Nina Clark
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anyone who's ever been owned by a dachshund will appreciate the tales of Lucy the Wonder Weenie. These small dogs with big attitude pack a lot of love and intelligence into their sausage-shaped bodies.

Lucy eats magic beans which transform her into Wonder Lucy, who helps fight bullying and shows a lot of love to the children in her neighborhood by covering them with wet doggy kisses, turning their tears to giggles.

The illustrations by Sara Pulver are dynamic and vibrant, and the story by Nina Clark captures the essence of diva dachshunds. The only thing that kept it from getting five stars was it's too short! I would love to have seen Lucy's amazing powers in action more in this volume, but hope that it's just the beginning of a lifetime of adventure (and magic beans) for Lucy the Wonder Weenie.

Disclaimer--this book was sent to me by the author, who knew I have my very own diva dachshund. She also gave Lucy's tale two paws up.

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