Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tutoring tales

The young lady I tutored moved away over Spring Break, which left me greatly saddened. This was a child who desperately needed help if she was going to catch up with her age group and be ready for the third grade, and I hope wherever she goes to school for the remainder of the year she'll get additional help.

I wasn't sure if I'd be assigned another pupil with the school year winding down, but yesterday I had my first session with my new Reading Pal, Katie. She's a third-grader who hadn't had her own Pal before this. She had to share a volunteer in a group setting, so we were both happy to have one-on-one opportunities. We met in the school library, and I spent part of the hour getting a feel for what she likes to read. To my delight, Katie picked Alice in Wonderland as the novel she wants us to read together.

I'm optimistic, and I look forward  to weeks of quality reading time with Katie before summer. It's really boosted my spirits to know I'll continue working with a young person on reading skills.

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