Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eating like a local, part 5

The tables of the supper room groaned beneath haunches of
venison, pork pastries, shrimp, and fresh mullet. The rice and corn
were from nearby farms, and the squashes and vegetables were
seasoned with the hot peppers the locals loved.

--The Bride and the Buccaneer 

I've been holding steady on my "Eat Local Challenge", managing to eat something local at every meal until this past Memorial Day Weekend. We went to St. Augustine for a friend's wedding (lovely and romantic) and enjoyed some great food. I couldn't be positive I ate local at every meal, like I have at home in May, but I made an effort to patronize local independent food vendors when I wasn't at the wedding festivities. It helped that our hotel was smack dab in the Old City.  I had grouper tacos for lunch, coffee from a small independent shop (locally owned), and I nixed the offer of ice cream from a major chain in favor of a delicious fresh fruit pop from a local vendor.

So I feel like I'm still on track for the May, 2013 Eat Local Challenge. I've only got a few days left to go, but I'm optimistic. So far today I've had locally roasted coffee, kombucha and eggs from the farmers market, and tonight's supper will include farmers market tomatoes, cukes and blueberries.

It's no hardship trying to eat like a local, not when there's so much good food out there for the asking!

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