Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review--Sweet Disorder

Sweet Disorder (Lively St. Lemeston, #1)Sweet Disorder by Rose Lerner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this novel, the third I've read by Ms. Lerner. Part of what I enjoyed was its portrayal of ordinary people, struggling to make ends meet, and I liked the theme of politics as a plot device. Anyone who's worked on a political campaign (I have, often), or had a family member run for political office (ditto) can appreciate the effort, sweat, money and tears that go into a race.

The emotion in the novel felt very real. The heroine had flaws--a nasty temper, a controlling personality; the hero had his own problems related to his difficulties in dealing with his family and his less than perfect recovery from war wounds.

The secondary characters were also well drawn. The "villain" was more of a schmuck than a Dr. Evil, the politically intense mother was not a one-note personality, the "oily" politician was surprising, and so on. I eagerly await the next "Lively St. Lemeston" novel and look forward to many more books from Rose Lerner.

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