Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day! Now, with more pirates!

There was a rustle from the roof and the ancient ladder creaked as
Roberts lowered himself next to the back window where she stood.
“Let’s see,” he said, wiping his forehead and looking out behind the
house. “You have got cabbage palm, mangoes, tomatoes, and if I’m not
mistaken, some yams and peppers gone wild in that garden.”
Amanda was impressed.
“For a sailor you know a great deal about the things growing here.”
“When I’m on land, Mrs. Stephenson, I usually stay at my farm.”
“You’re a farmer?”
His silver eyes twinkled.
“Shocked you, have I? I enjoy growing things and bought some
property on the St. Johns River years back to farm. Nothing grows on
the ocean,” he said softly, looking back out over the garden. “Some of
the sailors on the Zephyr were farm boys who ran away to sea. And I
wanted nothing more than to run away from the sea and spend my days
on my farm, eating fresh food I grew myself.”
--Captain Sinister's Lady

I'll be at our farmers market later this afternoon, as I am every Wednesday when I'm in town. Today's special because we'll all be celebrating Earth Day. Be sure to thank an organic farmer, and remember to be kind to your Mother Earth. She's all you've got, and she's depending on you.

My agrarian pirate and his story (Book Four of the Florida Pirates series) are on sale now at Amber Quill Press for 50% off during their Spring Fling Sale. It's a great time to stock your ereader with seasonal reading.

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