Sunday, April 12, 2015

Review--Pocket Apocalypse (InCryptid #4)

Pocket Apocalypse (InCryptid, #4)Pocket Apocalypse by Seanan McGuire
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Anyone who's visited Australia knows that while the humans are friendly, there are hundreds of other Aussies of the flora and fauna variety waiting to kill you as soon as you exit the airport. I live in Florida, where we've got our share of dangerous plants, insects and critters, but we're amateurs at killing people compared to Australia.

The Australians are also extremely strict, and rightly so, about preventing the introduction of non-native species to their unique habitat, so leave it to Seanan McGuire to make things worse by adding werewolves into the mix.

Pocket Apocalypse is the latest in the InCryptid urban fantasy series, and a welcome return to the Price family and the creatures and humans in their world. Alexander Price joins his Aussie girlfriend on a trip to her home. He has experience dealing with werewolves, though it's a trauma he'd rather not revisit. The novel features some returning characters (Aeslin mice!) and some new ones, along with new critters as befits a closed ecosystem like Australia's. There are laugh out loud moments, and hanky moments, and it's a fun roller coaster ride that will be enjoyed by fans of this intelligent series.

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