Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day

"...The stories also continued at bedtime, and Lydia had to admit she was caught up in Captain Johnson’s stories of blood, gore and courage.

“So Mary Read’s mother, described here as ‘young and airy, met with an accident, which has often happened to women who are young and do not take a great deal of care; which was, she soon proved to be with child again.’”

“Was my mother young and airy, Papa?”

Captain St. Armand put his finger in the book to mark his place and looked at his daughter. “Your mother was a delightful lady, and I believe ‘young and airy’ is an excellent description of her.”

“Did you fall in love?”

He hesitated, then nodded. “I loved your mother Nanette as one loves the best of friends. She was someone I turned to for friendship, and for laughter, and we shared that.”

“And hugs, Papa? Maman was good at hugging,” she finished, a catch in her voice.

“Yes, Mattie, your mama was good at hugging,” he said gently.

“I am glad, Papa, that you and Maman were in love and that you were friends. It is good to have friends...."

I'm on the road, celebrating a family wedding, but I had the chance to hug my own sons this weekend. I doubt they'd describe me as "young and airy", but I believe they'd say I'm good at hugging. Here's wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day, and many more in the years to come. Oh, and if you can, give your mama a hug. It's still the best gift of all.

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