Monday, July 11, 2016

Off to #RWA16!

I'm packing for my first Romance Writers of America conference in San Diego and I've learned from experience to use a packing list before big and/or important trips. You don't want to pack a gown for the Rita and Golden Heart Award Ceremony only to find out you left your evening pumps in the closet at home! The iPad is fully charged, my ereader is full of good books for the long flight, and I'm ready to rock-'n-roll with the other writers.

I also left my dear husband detailed instructions regarding the adorable, but not-quite-housetrained dachshund puppy. I predict Dodi will be getting plenty of cuddles from her dad, and I have complete confidence he can handle any small mishaps. I'm especially confident because I've got the baby gates blocking her access to most of the rugs.

For updates and pictures, I suggest following me on my Instagram account where I'm darlenemarshallauthor. There will also be Twitter updates with the hashtag #RWA16 and #RITAGH from @DarleneMarshall. You can join in the fun, and follow the live feeds to find out who's received Romance writing's highest awards at the ceremonies Saturday night!

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