Fourth of July!

“It is brave of you to uproot yourself and come to a new land, Mrs. Stephenson.”
“My goodness.” Amanda looked at the captain and thought about it for a moment. “I never considered myself a brave person, Captain Roberts. I am excited about seeing a new country. And America is wonderful, a land of freedom and great opportunities! Mr. Freneau’s poetry says it so well! ‘Honor to those who first designed, this chain of States to bless mankind.’”

The Fourth of July is just a date on the calendar in other countries, but in the United States of America it's Independence Day, a day celebrated with fireworks, music, patriotic speeches and, if you're in this part of the country, plenty of cool, refreshing watermelon (usually followed by a seed-spitting contest).

Do like Amanda Stephenson does in Captain Sinister's Lady, embrace the concepts that made our country great, while always working vigilantly to make out country even better.


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