Thursday, February 16, 2017

“By my life, Morgan, that is a toothsome woman!”
Morgan could only stare. He’d never seen a person who looked so much like dessert. She reminded him of every cream cake he’d ever craved as a ragged urchin on the wrong side of the bakery glass. He leaned close and sniffed. Almonds. She even smelled like cakes. He reached down for the quilt and pulled it up, covering her. When he turned his head, his friend was staring at him, completely serious for a change.
“This is trouble, Captain.”
He ran his fingers through his beard and looked down at the lady. Idly, he wondered what color her eyes were. He picked up one of the golden curls fallen to the pillow and without thinking about his actions, slipped it into his pocket.
“There is trouble, Mr. Lopez, and there is trouble. We shall see how much trouble our guest is when she awakens.”

--Captain Sinister's Lady

It's #NationalAlmondDay, and I'm celebrating! I have almond cookies, and a handful of almonds for my dessert, and when I fly to Boston I'll have individual packs of almonds in my carry-on because they're a great pick-me-up when I'm flying.

I love almonds so much I wrote them into Captain Sinister's Lady. If you'd like to know more about my hero Morgan's love of all things almond, check out the EPIC award winning ebook, available again from the usual vendors.

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