Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Coffee for the Win!

“Is that coffee I smell?”
Washburn filled the doorway to the kitchen, a look of such amazed wonder on his face that she had to smile.
“Indeed, there was coffee with the supplies. Help yourself to a cup while I finish this up. The grits are about ready, and if you can wait a few more minutes, there will be ham and eggs as well.”
“Bless you, darlin’. I’m beginnin’ to think you an angel sent from above.”
He poured a cup from the pot next to the fire and dumped in a generous serving of sugar before bringing it up to his nose. He closed his eyes and inhaled, then opened them and took a reverent sip.
“Ah,” he said with feeling. “Hot and sweet, just the way I like it.” He was watching her as he said it, and Julia turned away to whip the eggs more fiercely before pouring them into the pan.
--Smuggler's Bride

I didn't need much convincing that coffee is the elixir of life. Heaven knows I need it to jump start my brain in the morning! But it's nice to know that it's not just me saying this, it's scientifically proven: drinking more coffee leads to longer life. I'll drink to that!

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