Sunday, July 23, 2017

Review--G-Man (Bob Lee Swagger, #10)

G-Man (Bob Lee Swagger, #10)G-Man by Stephen Hunter
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I just love it when you close a book with a happy sigh, having had an enjoyable getaway between covers. In G-Man (Bob Lee Swagger, #10) Hunter brings his usual roller-coaster ride of gun lore, shootouts, history and Mr. Bob Lee hissownself. Bob Lee's now in his 70s, looking to the past as well as the future as he delves into some family history. He knew his father Earl was estranged from Sheriff Charles Swagger, his abusive father, but Bob Lee never knew why. When new information is uncovered linking Charles to the earliest days of the FBI, he wants to know more.

Fans of the series remember Charles from the earlier book about Earl, Hot Springs so some of his story won't be a revelation. Much of the rest of it will be. In addition, there's gangster history, various Public Enemies and overtones of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance because Hunter, like so many of his fans, loves classic film.

While the book could stand alone, I highly recommend the entire series starting with Point of Impact. Characters appear throughout G-Man who are introduced in earlier novels, and it'll make the reading experience that much better. With this novel we'll get the snappy patter, excellent pacing and interesting characters (Grumleys!) that bring it all together for a perfect summer read.

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