Alex returned and added water to the pot, careful not to let it
fall below a boil. Eventually, after some whining (the dog) and
grumbling (Miss Farnham), he pronounced the crabs ready for
consumption. He extracted the crabs by using his stick to flip them
into the air.

“Catch them, Daphne! Quick, before the dog grabs them!”

Holding the valise open, Miss Farnham dashed about, catching
the manna as it fell from the heavens. The dog barked and she
laughed and Alexander felt almost lighthearted.
He put it down to hunger.

--Castaway Dreams

I've always felt it's important to count your blessings as often as possible, but Thanksgiving gives us a special focus on being grateful for the little things--food, shelter, puppies, and people who love us.

I'm especially grateful for each and every one of my readers. When you take time to drop me a note saying you enjoyed my stories, it recharges my batteries and gets me back to the keyboard. Thank you. I couldn't do this without you.

As you celebrate today, remember those who do not have the blessings we all too often take for granted. Donate a book to a child living in a "literacy desert" (there are more than you suspect), volunteer to read to a youngster or an invalid, help your local public library when it has fundraising efforts. You're reading this because you love books (I only have the finest fans, after all!), so share that with those who do not have the blessings we enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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