Friday, November 03, 2017

Review: Color Me Gray

Color Me Gray Color Me Gray by Rose Phillips
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We met Mags in Cutting to the Chase, the best friend who's socially awkward and naive, hiding her personal pain under a cheerful facade. A humiliating practical joke in high school only reinforces Mags' lack of self-esteem, so when a cute, older boy at a party pays attention to her, she thinks her life may be turning around.

Instead, it's a step toward personal disaster. Color Me Gray covers many of the issues that make up the tough life of young adulthood--sexuality, body image, domestic violence and career choices. But it also shows how friendship (sometimes in the most unexpected places) and family can lead to new beginnings and offer hope when all seems hopeless.

This is the second Rose Phillips YA I've enjoyed, and I'm hooked. Sometimes it's hard from the distance of years to appreciate how difficult life can be for those just stepping out into the world. Phillips brings teens and their issues to life, and does so in a way that's satisfying for readers of all ages.

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