Wednesday, January 10, 2018

These Boots Were Made for Walking

There's something poignant about retiring your hiking boots. These Mephistos have served me well over more than 25 years. They've trekked from the winding streets of Edinburgh to the ramparts of Masada, from the heights of Hawaii's Big Island to the depths of a North Florida cave, from the California coast to Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Australian Outback.

These Nubuck beauties were re-soled three times, got new laces more than once, and are still in good shape. However, technology has advanced over the decades and it's time to replace them with 21st century hiking boots, boots that are waterproof, boots that weigh less.

Sure, I could still wear them on weekends and for casual walks, but there are people who need them more than I do. That's why I'm donating these boots and some of the hiking socks to our local homeless program.

Shoes and warm socks, as well as packages of unworn underwear, are some of the greatest needs for people on the street. When the seasons change and you finally get around to that long deferred closet clean-out, check with your local shelter agencies and see if they can use your running shoes, low-heeled boots, or other items you're no longer wearing. You'll have the memories, but someone else will have the benefit of warm, dry feet.

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